Sustainable shopping at The Pantry is simple.

Shop waste free by bringing your own containers or choose from the reusable selection in store. You can also utilize our brown paper bags to stock up your pantry with ingredients. Shop online or in person.

If juggling those refillable containers is an issue, borrow a boomerang bag made by our volunteers using recycled fabric. Simply return it next time you bounce back into The Pantry.

The Pantry isn’t just a place for you to take action to reduce your waste, we also take continuous action to reduce our waste and environmental footprint.


  • Customers can bring their own containers for bulk foods and liquids

  • We collect recycled containers for anyone to use

  • Volunteers have made over 3000 recycled cloth shopping bags for customers to use

  • Paper bags to fill from the bulk section

  • Sell food wraps, drawstring bags


  • 50c off your hot drink when you bring your own cup

  • We have opted for sugar dispensers over single serve sugar sachets

  • Our cafe has discontinued using foil packed butter and plastic straws


  • Our food waste & coffee grounds are composted and used on our community garden

  • Customers are able to pick up a bag of coffee grinds to take home and use in their garden

  • Bokashi bins stocked in shop so you can begin to compost at home

  • Learn all you need to know about composting at one of our workshops or information sheets in store.