Blue Breakfast Fundraiser

Published in the Southland Express

2 September 2019

Blue Breakfast Fundraiser – The Pantry is raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Pantry is very happy to announce that it will be holding a ‘Blue Do’ to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Janette Malcolm, Chair of The Pantry said, “it’s a very hearty breakfast event, on Sunday 22 September at The Pantry Café. There will be 3 courses including a full cooked breakfast and barista coffee as well as music entertainment, a speaker and a raffle – all for $30 a ticket.” 

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in New Zealand which means that around 3000 men are diagnosed with it every year here and 1 in 8 men will develop it  in their lifetime.    Malcolm said that, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, about the same number of men die from prostate cancer each year  as women who die from breast cancer.   “We did a pink ribbon fundraiser breakfast last year and raised $850 so we thought it would be a good idea to do something for the guys this year”,  she said.   

And happily Malcolm says, a team of volunteers has stepped up to help with the organisation, cooking and serving.  “We are also thankful that, in addition to the food and drink being provided by The Pantry,  our egg supplier, Absolute Free Range Eggs has donated all the free range eggs,   New World a voucher for food and The Warehouse, first prize for the raffle” she said.  

The Pantry is a social enterprise store, owned by the South Alive Trust, and Malcolm said that encourages us to always be looking for ways to promote generosity and wellbeing in the community.  “So we’re keen to support the guys on this, and pretty excited to attend the event ourselves”, she said.  


Fundraiser by The Pantry for NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation 

3 course breakfast with barista coffee,  entertainment, speaker and raffle

Tickets $30 from The Pantry, 133 Grace Street or:  tel 03 214 5200 fb message @thepantry9812

Sunday 22 September, 9am – 10am 

All proceeds to NZ Prostate Cancer Foundation

Boomerang Shopping Bag

22 July 2019

The Pantry makes it’s 3,000th  boomerang shopping bag

Since before it opened in May 2017,  a team of volunteers has been making re-useable shopping bags for the Pantry.  Recently they made bag number 3,000. They’re called Boomerang bags, with the concept being that if customers forget their own bags,  they borrow one to take their shopping home and then bring it back when they’re next in the shop. The programme has meant that The Pantry has never used a single use plastic bag.  

The bags are made from recycled material, usually new lengths of fabric that have been donated to second hand shops and are sewn together by volunteers.

Each bag is an individual creation, and customers often spend some time choosing the one that has the most appeal for them – which could be why the ‘boomerang’ part hasn’t worked entirely according to plan, said Stephen Pont,  Manager of the Pantry. “ Many customers fall in love with the bags and want to keep using them.”       

The Pantry runs a number of other initiatives to encourage less waste – including providing a recycling point for surplus glass or plastic containers for customers to use to purchase bulk foods and cleaning liquids, providing a 50c discount for people who bring their own coffee cups, using all its cafe food waste in the community garden compost and getting rid of single use packaging for things like butter in the café.

Pont said that, “It’s great that we’ve hit  the milestone of 3000 bags during plastic free July and that there are so many bags are out there being reused and contributing to reducing plastic use.”

More information:  Contact Stephen Pont,  Manager, The Pantry, 021 2456722

Community Cooking/Nutrition/Meal Planning Workshops 

Published in Southland Express
30 May, 2019

Community  Cooking /Nutrition/Meal Planning Workshops 

After hearing from many in the community that they lacked knowledge and skills in these areas, we have joined with other like minded groups who are knowledgeable in these fields to develop a range of workshops at no cost of just a koha. 

The groups that have joined us to develop the workshops are

  • Love Local 

  • Healthy Families ( 

  • Invercargill City Council Waste Minimisation 

  • Walk this Way  

    The  types of topics that will  be covered are

    • Nutrition and Cooking – basic nutrition, basic cooking, cooking on a budget incl. for examples, meatless Mondays

    • Waste minimisation/environmental sustainability – how to compost, ways to reduce waste (food, packaging etc)

    • Self Sufficiency – how to do things for yourself e.g. how to plant a vegetable garden from seed,  making your own cleaning products 

The Pantry Workshops

The Pantry has been running workshops since November 2017, with over 1150 people attending.  The workshops tend to be on more specialist topics such as fermented foods, making bread and cheeses,  Chinese Dumplings , raw cakes and slices, various ethnic cuisines such as Indian, Sri Lankan and upcoming Colombian and Brazilian, and  slime workshops for kids in the holidays.

From June we’re making some changes to the workshops to improve the experience for people.  The new experience will be:

  • limited to 40 tickets per event,  but of those 5 tickets will be available for free or koha, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis

  • participants will be able to sit at tables instead of theatre style seating, thus better enabling them to meet other people and allow for participatory activities 

  • We’re installing an overhead mirror above the kitchen to improve visibility


The Pantry is a charitable company established, and owned, by the South Invercargill Urban Rejuvenation Charitable Trust,  known as South Alive.  

It began trading in May 2017 and is what’s known as a social enterprise.   All its profits go to fund community projects for South Alive and The Pantry.  It also aims to do good by the way it does business, and what it does – hence the workshops and many other activities that we do.  

The South Alive Trust was established in 2012, and is owned and run by the community.  It has achieved major change in how South Invercargill looks and feels, including the construction of the community park; planting over 70 fruit trees in various local parks;  upgrading the South City shopping area; installing a major sculpture on corner of Elles Rd and Dalrymple Street, Tale of Southland as a result of a national sculpture design competition;  buying, renovating and extending the Pod building which houses the Pantry and the new community centre; establishing an art gallery particularly for community artists; various activities in housing and beautification;  running regular small and large scale community events.