Meet Cathy

I love shopping at the pantry, it has it all. 

I’m trying to buy more consciously so I like that it’s so easy to refill your own containers and support a social enterprise that creates a community hub for so many.

Shopping at the pantry has helped me to be a bit more creative with our cooking as we have been trying more lentils and whole food based meals. 

The kids love going down to the pantry. They usually do some colouring in while I shop and they love the space outside. So much room for them to run around and they love the community garden. The staff are so family friendly and always make us feel very welcome

Meet Kate

Being a vegan in Southland is hard, there are not many food options let alone people that understand what being a vegan is…One time at a restaurant I asked if they had any vegan options and I was offered a seafood chowder. What? The Pantry makes being vegan easier. Their cafe has delicious cabinet food that I am able to eat like wraps, vegan sausage rolls, salads and amazing vegan treats. I also love doing my shopping there as I am able to pick up speciality ingredients like nut milks, tofu & even 'bacon bits' that are vegan!


Meet Katy

Shopping at The Pantry is a great place to start for anyone looking to reduce their plastic usage. They have a variety of bulk household staples and unique ingredients as well as friendly staff to help with first time bulk-buyers. The atmosphere is always relaxed and it has that feel-good factor knowing that your money goes back into our community.