Our volunteers are superheroes. They nourish generosity here and in our community.

We have a diverse range of superheroes, from different ages, genders and abilities. They volunteer for many reasons, some use it as a stepping stone to paid employment, some a chance to connect with others, and others to give back to the community.

Volunteering at The Pantry provides huge benefits to our store and our community. Volunteers can choose to help out where they like and when they like. We have a tribe of volunteers that help us out in the store, and others that jump head first into planning and executing our incredible events and fundraisers   

When you volunteer at The Pantry we invest in your knowledge and skills, while building resilience and connections, making you a valuable asset within our community


Meet Jackie

I love volunteering for The Pantry. It makes me feel valued and gives me a sense of purpose. I love the team that works at The Pantry and I get on with them all.

Volunteering at The Pantry has given me a purpose and something to do. It has given me the ability to remain social and to gain new connections and make new friends. I  have been able to upskill in different areas including sewing through the making of aprons and boomerang bags and also learning from other experienced volunteers

Meet Aaron

I love to volunteer at The Pantry and I love the great work that it does for the community. The Pantry is a great place to work and I enjoy working with the team there.

The Pantry has given me the opportunity to grow my confidence and to help me upskill in areas such as customer service and cleaning. By greeting and talking to customers that come into The Pantry it has helped grow my confidence in social situations.


Benefits of being a volunteer

  • Connect with others

  • Gain purpose and routine

  • Learn new skills to support you in future job applications

  • Support your local community

Ready to become one of The Pantry’s superhero volunteers?

As a volunteer, I find it a fun and pleasant atmosphere to work in. I enjoy helping customers find a range of ingredients and products. I appreciate being a part of the bright and vibrant team.
Volunteering at The Pantry has helped me upskill in areas such as customer service and also product knowledge. By being given the opportunity to greet customers as well as assist them finding the products they require, it has built my self-confidence in social situations as well as learning more about the products that we sell in store.
— Greta Kerse